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Drain Cleaning / Unblocking

CCTV Surveys 

High Pressure Water Jetting 

The simplest method of clearing a blocked drain is done with a high pressure water jetting machine. The water jet will quickly clear the blockage, and our on-site engineer will be able to tell you what caused the blockage.

In the few cases the blockage should not be cleared by this method, a CCTV Camera can be sent up the pipework to show what is causing the problem.

Whether you are looking into a specific problem, or needing a full site survey, we have the equipment and experience to fulfil your requirements.

Our survey capabilities include pipework from 100mm by push rod camera, up to 1500mm by “crawler” camera. 

Surveys are recorded on to DVD, and the report can be typed up. Still photographs can also be made to accompany the video. The survey notes are presented in an easy to read format. 

For powerful and cost-effective cleaning of drainage systems, we use the latest high pressure water jetting technology. This offers a versatile yet intensive method of cleaning drains, sewers and stack pipes. High pressure water jets are expertly and safely used to clear blockages such as foul sewage, silt or cement.

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