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Commercial & Specialist Services 

What Can We Do For You?


Vacuum Tanker Hire 

Owen Environmental Services have a diverse fleet of vacuum tankers for hire.  You can be rest assured that our experienced operators and our specialist vacuum tankers will get the job done and their massive capacities make them suitable for even the largest of jobs!

Our vacuum tankers use high-pressure jetting and strong vacuum suction, allowing us to remove wet waste of varying types.

Wetwells, Treatment Plants, Pumping Stations

Owen Environmental Services offer an industrial tank cleaning process for any type of tank or vessel that requires cleaning. We have the knowledge and expertise available to clean any size of tank, ranging from the septic tanks up to large waste water storage tanks.


Liquid Waste Disposal

Liquid Waste Disposal services in North Yorkshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire. 

Whether its septic waste, sewage, oil, sludge or grease, we have the technology to remove your waste safely and dispose of it at a reputable and registered facility. 

We are registered waste carriers with the Environment Agency and we comply with all stringent waste legislation for waste disposal and duty of care. 

Industrial & Commercial High Pressure water jetting

High-pressure water jetting services require a specialist team, with an extensive knowledge of the complexities of water jetting. If you require a team to provide a range of ultra-high pressure water jetting, commercial drainage and industrial cleaning services, we are here to help.

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