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Septic Tank Emptying

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Septic Tank Emptying

Recommendations are that your septic tank be emptied annually to ensure it continues to work correctly.

We will empty your septic tank and carry out a brief inspection to make sure it is operating efficiently, also clear any minor blockages if required.

Our operators are highly experienced and will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the operation of your septic tank.

Amongst our modern fleet of state of the art equipment, we have a small tanker for those difficult to access sites, and extra suction hose if your tank is not located near hard standing.  With our experience we can empty septic tanks in most locations!

The areas we cover to provide our services are:

North and East Yorkshire

North Yorkshire Moors

Do you know how your system works?

From January 1 2020, it became illegal for any septic tank in England to discharge effluent directly into a watercourse such as a river, stream or pond; any that do must either be replaced or upgraded.

The change is being applied under the General Binding Rules, which are set by the Environment Agency (EA).

Follow this link for current legislation:


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